MA Health Connector Announces Extended Deadline for Plan Selection

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Massachusetts Health Connector has announced extended deadlines for members to select a plan and pay the first month’s premium. The new deadline for selecting a plan is Tuesday, December 31, and new premium payment deadlines will give members more time to make a payment.

“This new timeframe ensures that even more people can get into the best plan for themselves and their family in time for January,” said Jean Yang, the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Health Connector. “This has been made possible by extraordinary support from our carriers, Dell, our community action groups, and other stakeholders, and is very good news for members.”

Applications for subsidized coverage already received by the Health Connector are being processed. If an application is not processed by December 31, the member will be placed in temporary coverage until the Health Connector completes its review of the application, guaranteeing coverage for everyone.

For those who are moving into selecting a plan and making a payment by the new deadlines, coverage does not begin until after the health insurance carrier receives required information from the Health Connector, which will be delivered as soon as possible after a plan is selected and payment is completed. In some cases there may be a delay as information is relayed to carriers and then entered into the carrier’s system.

The following information provides details for specific programs:


  • The deadline to select a plan is December 31
  • Medical services that are part of the plan are covered retroactively if the carrier does not have the information in its system by January 1
  • Members will receive a bill for their January and February premiums next month

Health Connector federal premium tax credit plans

  • The deadline to select a plan and make payment is December 31
  • If a member needs additional time to make a payment, the member will receive temporary coverage in January and be placed in the new plan starting February 1 after paying the premium

Health Connector plans with no subsidies

  • The deadline to select a plan is December 31
  • The deadline for making a payment is January 10. Electronic payment can be made immediately following plan selection, otherwise a check or money order must be sent to the Health Connector
  • The Connector will not send your enrollment information to the health plan until it receives payment. The health plan will then need a few days to process your enrollment and load into their system
  • Medical services that are part of the plan are covered by the carrier retroactively to January 1, as long as payment is made by January 10

The Health Connector continues to accept applications for coverage starting in January 2014; people seeking to apply should visit .