The 2019 Super Bowl Commercials

Saturday, February 02, 2019
GoLocalWorcester Business Team

Serena Williams
One of the best parts of the Super Bowl are the commercials.

See the 2019 Super Bowl Commercials in the Slideshow Below

Year after year, companies spend millions of dollars on ads featuring incredible stunts and celebrities like Harrison Ford, Serena Williams, The Backstreet Boys and more.

Super Bowl commercials are one of the major reasons why the entire country tunes in, whether they are fans of one of the teams or not. Some may not even be fans of football, but they tune in for the commercials. 

The cost for a :30 spot is $5 million and because the game is a matchup of East Coast and West Coast large media markets -- Boston and Los Angeles, respectfully, this could set a record for viewership.

The commercials are also a big reason why viewers stay on their couch during breaks in the action, they just can not bare to miss a good commercial. 

Here is a look at the 2019 Super Bowl commercials

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