U.S. Economy Adds 312,000 Jobs in December

Saturday, January 05, 2019
GoLocalWorcester Business Team

The United States economy added 312,000 jobs in the month of December while the unemployment rate went up to 3.9%, according to the latest jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This comes after Wall Street projected that job numbers would increase 177,000 in the month.

According to the Bureau, the unemployment rate went up in part because 142,000 people quit their job and began looking for a new one.

2018 A Good Year for Jobs

The year 2018 was a good one for job creation.

The economy added 2.6 million jobs and ended with a labor participation rate of 63.1%.

Average hourly earnings rose 11 cents to $27.48 and increased 84 cents since December of 2017.


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