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Sunday, July 16, 2017
GoLocalWorcester Lifestyle Team

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With National Ice Cream month winding down and the weather heating up, GoLocalWorcester has put together a list of some of the best places in Central Massachusetts to get your ice cream fix. 

SEE SLIDES BELOW:  Great Places to Get Ice Cream in Central Mass

More than 30 years ago, President Ronald Reagan made what some ice cream lovers consider one his best decisions ever as President, designating July as National Ice Cream Month. 

Reagan called for Americans to celebrate National Ice Cream month with "ceremonies and activities," noting that ice cream is enjoyed by more than 90 percent of the nation's population.

So in order to help you celebrate National Ice Cream month, the slideshow below has 20 great places to get ice cream in Central Massachusetts 



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  • Gibby's Dairy Farm

     50 Sunderland Road, Worcester

    Gibby's Dairy Farm serves over 60 flavors of ice cream and over 20 flavors of soft serve ice cream for your enjoyment. 

    Be sure to get to Gibby's Dairy Farm and treat yourself to some of the best ice cream in down. 


    PHOTO: Gibby's

  • West End Creamery 

    481 Purgatory Road, Whitinsville 

    West End Creamery offers hand dipped ice cream flavors such as butter pecan, coconut almond and graham central station. As well as classic flavors like chocolate chip, chocolate, vanilla and many more. 

    West End Creamery is a 4th generation farm in Blackstone Valley equipped with a mini golf course, animals int he barnyard other super cool things. 

    There is plenty to do while you eat your ice cream. 

  • Madulka's Ice Cream Shop

    193 Lake Avenue, Worcester

    Madulka's Ice Cream shop is located on Lake Quinsigamond and serves more than 40 flavors of hard ice cream, yogurts, soft serve and more. 

    Some of their cool flavors include Cotton Candy, Coffee oreo, regular Oreo or maybe even a sundae. 

  • Meola's Ice Cream 

    165 W Boylston St., West Boylston, MA

    Meola's has more than 75 flavors of ice cream and yogurts, just what everyone needs in this heat. 

    For more than 100 years, Meola's has been a family-run business, opening their first ice cream stand in 1980. It served 35 flavors. 

  • Trombetta's Farm 

    655 Farm Road, Marlborough

    Trombetta's Farm has been making their own ice cream since 1978 using fresh local ingredients in every recipe. 

    Their flavors change with the seasons. 

    Trombetta's farm also has a garden center and a mini golf course. 

  • Rota Spring Farm Ice Cream 

    117 Chace Hill Road, Sterling 

    Rota Spring serves homemade ice cream that you can only buy on location. 

    Rota spring has been open since 1998. Along with great ice cream, Rota also includes a petting zoo. 

    Their ice cream menu offers more than 50 flavors such as wild maine blueberry, java lava, cowabunga crunch and many more. 

  • Blue Coast's Ice Cream 

    274 South Street, Shrewsbury Ma 

    Blue Coast serves ice scream all year round and has a walk up ice cream window that is open during the summer. 

    Milkshakes and hot fudge sundaes are among the highlights of eating ice cream from Blue Coast. 

  • Coco's Tropical Ice 

    1 Swanson Road, Auburn, MA 

    Coco's Tropical Ice has added ice cream to their menu and their vanilla soft serve is something to be had. 

    Coco's is a cool place to stop in and grab an ice cream or maybe a frozen ice. 

    PHOTO: Coco's Website

  • Cabot's Ice Cream & Restaurant 

    743 Washington Street, Newton 

    Open since 1969 Cabots  serves dozens of flavors of ice cream, including ice cream sundaes.

    Ice cream flavors include bubble gum, coffee, chocolate chip, ginger and many more. 

    There is a reason that Cabot's tag line reads "taking life one scoop at a time."

  • Christopher's Homemade Ice Cream 

    22 West St., Millbury, MA 

    Christopher's offers handmade ice cream at reasonable prices with a great variety of flavors. 

    Check out flavors like mint chocolate chip, cotton candy, bubble gum or another flavor of your choosing. 

    Christopher's is open from noon to 9:30 p.m. on weekends. 



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