MA Health Connector Launches 1st Phase of Small-Business Website

Wednesday, August 16, 2017
GoLocalWorcester News Team

MA Health Connector Launches 1st Phase of Small-Group Website
The Massachusetts Health Connector launched the first phase of its new small-business website.

“We are pleased with the successful launch of the first phase of the Health Connector for Business website, and look forward to adding additional choices between carriers this November. We are excited by the benefits and opportunity the new platform will deliver to our current participating companies, and those that come on board next year,” said Louis Gutierrez, the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Health Connector.

The new platform was developed through a unique partnership with the Washington, D.C., Health Benefit Exchange Authority, the health insurance Exchange in Washington, D.C. 

The Website

The website, Health Connector for Business, will deliver new tools and benefits to brokers, employers, and employees, making it easier to manage a company’s health insurance offering and delivering new options to businesses and employees.

The first phase includes access to plans from three carriers, Boston Medical Center Health Plan, Fallon Community Health Plan and Health New England.

Businesses renewing coverage this fall will transfer to the new system, and new groups can use the system to select plans from those carriers.

In November, additional carriers will be added, along with the chance for employers to provide choice options to their employees for new enrollments and renewals starting Jan. 1, 2018. Through those options, employees can select a plan that best meets their health care and financial needs.


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