10 Great Pets in Need of Loving Homes - February 19, 2019

Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Bella and others are in need of loving homes
Calling all animal lovers!

If you're on the lookout for a new pet for you or your family, look no further.

Whether you want a dog, a cat, or even a furry little friend to complete your home, think adoption first! There are hundreds of lovable pets just waiting for you to take them home in rescue leagues and shelters everywhere.

Check out these 10 pets available for adoption from the Broken Tail Rescue League, below

  • Bella

    Bella the Beagle is the sweetest dog you will ever meet! She loves LOVE – as soon as she meets you, she will climb on your lap, gaze deeply into your eyes, and then slowly roll over for you to rub her belly!

    Bella has developed back pain and inflammation as she’s gotten older, which is common with beagles. She was in significant pain when she came into Broken Tail Rescue, and on the recommendation of our vet, she started physical therapy, which has had a tremendous impact. As the pain has subsided, her physical therapy visits are down to 2-3x per month, and we all expect her to need physical therapy in the future as she has flare-ups.

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  • Rocky

    Calling all Min Pin groupies ... Rocky, aka the RockStar, is a 4-year-old bachelor looking for a special someone to enjoy life with. 

    This darling boy will steal your heart and leave a permanent smile on your face. He puts his whole heart into everything he does. 

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  • Floyd

    Attention Lab Lovers, this one’s for you. Meet Floyd, a typical young adult (6 years old) Labrador Retriever weighing in at 60+ pounds filled with energy and love. He’s a bit naughty and very nice.

    Floyd is house trained, crate trained and friendly. He loves people and a good game of fetch. Like many Labrador Retrievers, he’s a counter surfer and will help himself to whatever you leave out. Floyd recently underwent surgery to remove a food waste item that created an obstruction.

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  • Wally

    Wally is a 9 pound little chihuahua with a lot of love to give. Wally is house trained and does well in his crate while his foster parents are away from home. Wally loves playing with the other 4 dogs in the house above all else. He absolutely loves other dogs and will play endlessly!

    RedZoomies around the yard and playing 'chase' is when Wally is at his happiest. He would be a perfect addition to another pack of smaller dogs. He fit right in with his current foster brothers and sisters no problem. 

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  • Ella & Carter

    Meet Ella and Carter! This bonded female/male pair of Chihuahuas that are new to rescue. Their estimated age is four years old. Updated information will be provided as we get to know them.

    Based on an initial assessment, it appears the female recently had puppies. Their rescuer had two children under the age of 8.

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  • Theo

    Meet Theo, a sweet, handsome 1.5-year-old boy looking for his forever home! 

    Theo is a cuddly, playful boy who loves to plop down and snuggle next to you when you pet him, and he even loves belly rubs! He has lots of goofy energy and loves to play and chase mouse toys and balls around. He has a big, loud purr, and a squeaky little meow that he uses to politely ask for pets and breakfast.

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  • Miko

    Poor Miko. This handsome tuxedo boy recently lost his home after the person who adopted him awhile back had to move into hospice. 

    Miko is shy with new people, but once he gets to know you, this big boy just wants to show you his belly, get pets, and play! 

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  • Maisel

    Mrs. Maisel is a 14 year old beautiful all black lady. She unexpectedly found herself in foster care, but now that she is getting more comfortable she really enjoys being brushed and pet. She has the softest fur! She is very hopeful for a forever home as soon as can be. Are you the patient adopter Mrs. Maisel is looking and hoping for?

    Mrs. Maisel has hyperthyroidism that is controlled by a medication that she easily takes twice daily in a piece of cheese. She LOVES cheese! She also needs prescription Kidney Care k/d food. 

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  • Dottie

    Meet Dottie, a sweet 9-month old kitten searching for her purr-fect forever home! 

    Dottie is a pretty calico gal with big, soulful eyes who loves to curl up in your lap and purr. She loves cuddling, purring loudly, chicken wet food, mouse toys, and cardboard boxes.

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