10 Great Pets in Need of Loving Homes - February 26, 2019

Tuesday, February 26, 2019
GoLocalWorcester Lifestyle Team

Petey and others are in need of loving homes
Calling all animal lovers!

If you're on the lookout for a new pet for you or your family, look no further.

Whether you want a dog, a cat, or even a furry little friend to complete your home, think adoption first! There are hundreds of lovable pets just waiting for you to take them home in rescue leagues and shelters everywhere.

Check out these 10 pets available for adoption from the Broken Tail Rescue League, below

  • Lola

    My name is Lola. I am a year and a half old, 40 lb, yellow lab mix who hails from Texas. Like most dogs my age, I am still learning all I need to know to become a well-mannered pupper. I am looking for someone to show me the ropes using patience and positive training methods. No shock collars please.

    I was the victim of one of those and it scared me and made it hard for me to trust people. I am looking for a relationship based on love and mutual respect. If you show me love and affection and throw in some treats, I will do my best to please you.

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  • Petey

    Meet Petey! Petey is a very friendly chihuahua around 4 years old. He is good with dogs, likes to run and play, loves toys and attention and snuggling with his people.

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  • Rocky

    Calling all Min Pin groupies ... Rocky, aka the RockStar, is a 4-year-old bachelor looking for a special someone to enjoy life with. 

    This darling boy will steal your heart and leave a permanent smile on your face. He puts his whole heart into everything he does 

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  • Sophia

    Sophia is a very, very sweet 4-6-year-old chihuahua mix weighing about 10 pounds. She gets along well with dogs and cats, but all she really wants is to be with her person. Sophia follows her foster mom everywhere and at night will dance on her back legs to get her mom over to the couch where they can snuggle together. Sophia will come running from anywhere in the house when she hears her name called! Sophia is good with the teenagers in her foster home, but like many small delicate dogs, she would prefer a home without small children.

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  • Bella

    Bella the Beagle is the sweetest dog you will ever meet! She loves LOVE – as soon as she meets you, she will climb on your lap, gaze deeply into your eyes, and then slowly roll over for you to rub her belly!

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  • Cash

    Cash is a short-haired black kitten (around 9 months old) who recently moved from his foster home to the Adoption Center, where he's adjusting to the change in scenery. Somewhat shy, Cash instantly bonded with his foster sister, Cindy in their foster home and both kitties take great comfort in being with each other. We would really love to see these two BFFs adopted together. They would do best in a quiet home together to flourish!

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  • Cindy

    Cindy is a young adult cat who was previously fostered in Cambridge, MA where she blossomed and is now ready to find her furrever home. While she is initially shy of new people, once she warms up and trusts her people, she is a total love. 

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  • Kibby

    All hail Queen Kibby! Kibby's impressive looks have everyone begging for her attention. Well we all want her love and affection but she is holding all the cards and she knows it, folks! She has a dominant personality and can be intimidating when meeting new people for the first time, but once you've earned her trust she will show you her calm and loving side, and become your most loyal companion. Earning Kibby's respect is like a little like pledging a sorority: yes there might be some hazing and yes there could be moments when you question if it's even worth all the effort until one day you are IN and then BAM you know that YES IT WAS WORTH IT because now we are bonded FOR LIFE and she will be begging YOU for attention! 

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  • Armando

    Who is this handsome gray and white fellow with the striking green eyes and quizzical expression? 

    We can only guess that as a former stray, Armando hasn't had the easiest time of it living on the streets. Whatever happened, he doesn't seem to let it affect his mood. This boy is a complete sweetheart who loves pets and cheek scritches and deserves a warm, loving home where he will be treated like royalty. Armando is estimated to be somewhere between three and five years old.

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