10 Great Pets in Need of Loving Homes - September 11, 2018

Tuesday, September 11, 2018
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Darby and others are in need of loving homes
Calling all animal lovers!

If you're on the lookout for a new pet for you or your family, look no further.

Whether you want a dog, a cat, or even a furry little friend to complete your home, think adoption first! There are hundreds of lovable pets just waiting for you to take them home in rescue leagues and shelters everywhere.

Check out these 10 pets available for adoption from the Broken Tail Rescue League, below

  • Stimpy

    Stimpy (formerly named Blackie) is an energetic estimated six-year-old terrier mix, weighing about 13lbs. He has a large head, big paws, and tiny legs. We aren't entirely sure his parents breeds, but whatever they were they made one adorable pup! Stimpy is currently housed in a foster house with four other dogs, and loves nothing more than chasing after his foster brothers and sister in the yard and chewing up their favorite toys when they aren’t looking. 

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  • Darby

    Darby is a handsome, super sweet mixed breed with a great personality. He is 5 years old but you would never know as he doesn’t look a day over 3…at least that’s what he will tell you! Darby is a perfect size weighing in at around 40 pounds, ideal for sharing forts in the backyard for scheming summer shenanigans. 

    Darby loves to go for walks! When he sees the leash and harness come out he is ready to hit the pavement. Tennis balls are his absolute FAVORITE, if you are up to it he will fetch that ball for you as long as you let him. He knows his basic commands of sit, down, and a little bit of stay. He is getting slow intros with other dogs via walks where they bark at him, he looks their way, nods his head, and says “what’s up bro” and keeps on trucking. We will continue to gather information on how Darby interacts with other dogs but so far so good. 

    In addition, we are still learning how he gets along with kids and will update as we learn. 

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  • Sadie

    My name is Sadie and I am about 5 years old. I’m a pittie mix (I think!) and really want to be your new best friend. I’m up to date on all my vaccinations, including heart worm and flea/tick and I’m already spayed. 

    I do OK with dog saavy cats and I’m ok with other dogs that live in my foster home. I love to play and I have so much energy and really want to be on the trails, out running, or going on adventures! The couch might be my new favorite place when I'm in the house though! I would benefit from a quiet home with an experienced owner. 

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  • Spirit

    Hello! Let me introduce myself -- my name is Spirit! This is probably because I am a small dog with a big personality. I'm only 6 lbs (and 6 years old), but that doesn't stop me from making sure everyone knows where they stand in my world. I can be a bit possessive with my toys and food, so I'd do best in a quiet home with older children or adults who will respect my space and help me learn to share. When I'm feeling cuddly, I'll will jump into your lap for chin, head, and nose rubs. We can watch TV together while I curl up on your lap!

    I I love walks and rides -- just show me the leash and I am ready! I really like being outside and running around with my dog friend. Though I must admit, I don't like the rain very much, and the crate isn't my favorite -- I'd rather sleep with my person. I need some time to trust new people, so please don't pick me up until I get to know you a bit better -- I'll let you know when I'm ready. I get along well with dogs, cat, and ferrets, as long as they don't try to eat my food. 

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  • Rufus

    Do you like big mutts with huge smiles? If so, I am your man! Weighing in at 85 lbs of love I am the largest lap dog you could ever hope to meet. Yep, you read that right! I just love to sit in my foster dad's lap. It was love at first sight for me. 

    At just 2 1/2 years old, I am in doggie adolescence. Like all adolescents I need patience and consistent training to mature into the awesome dog I am destined to be. 

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  • Ryu

    Ryu is a super sweet brown and white boy who was found as a stray in Everett. After being fostered briefly so he could be treated for an infection in his front claws (ow-ee), he's ready to charm visitors in the Adoption Center and find his furever home!

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  • Maureen

    Maureen is shy, but loves pets and brushings. She is a sweet and gentle soul -- will you be the one to bring her out of her shell and offer her a loving home? She is super active when she’s in her room at night and we hope she can show her playful side to her human friends soon.

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  • Icee

    Icee is a sweet tortie girl who's friendly, enjoys attention, and can't wait for her forever home so she can get started on a new life of shared love, cuddles, and companionship!

    Icee has a congenital eye condition that required eye surgery which has been done successfully, but she still needs a minor surgical procedure to remove some eyelashes to make everything work well.

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  • Elsa

    Meet Elsa -- a friendly five old tortie girl beauty who is mellow, affectionate, and funny!

    She will either be right up next to you (or on top of you!), cuddling, purring, and meowing for cuddles, or is perfectly content hanging out in favorite spots around the house. 

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