5 Women Arrested After Kidnapping & Beating Another Woman Inside Worcester Apartment

Friday, October 06, 2017
GoLocalWorcester News Team

Worcester police arrested five women for kidnapping and beating another woman inside a Mount Pleasant Street apartment.

The following women were placed under arrest:

  • Lillian Salgado, 40-years-old of 6 Mount Pleasant Street, charged with Assault and Battery, 3 counts of Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, and Kidnapping.
  • Mariah Murphy, 21-years-old of 70 Hill Road, Charlton, charged with Assault and battery, 3 counts of Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon and Kidnapping. Murphy also had an outstanding warrant for past drug offenses.
  • Jessica Moody, 30-years-old of 6 Mount Pleasant Street, charged with Assault and Battery, 3 counts of Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon and Kidnapping.
  • Shayna Alexander, 41-years-old of 125 Vernon Street, charged with Assault and Battery, 3 counts of Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon and Kidnapping.
  • Jamie Edick, 28-years-old of 3 May Street, believed not to be involved in incident but was arrested on outstanding warrants for MV offenses and property crimes.


The Incident

On Wednesday, October 4,  a member of the Worcester Police Vice Squad received information that there were several women beating another woman in an apartment located at 6 Mount Pleasant Street. The vice officer was told that the assault is currently taking place. The officer was told that the women were preventing the victim from leaving and were punching and kicking her. The victim was seen bleeding from her nose and mouth.

After receiving this information, members of the vice squad formed up an entry team and immediately went to the address. Officers knocked on the door and announced their presence. There was no immediate answer. Officers could hear noises coming from within the apartment, eventually, they heard a voice from inside. A few minutes went by without anyone coming to the door so the officers forced their way in. Once inside, the officers saw several people attempting to hide in various areas within the apartment. Officers came upon the 35-year-old victim and saw her face to be swollen and bleeding from an obvious recent assault.

At this time, the apartment was secured and the occupants were separated. Officers saw in plain view several cut corner plastic baggies which is typical for packaging narcotics for street level sale. While searching the apartment for other people, officers saw several crack pipes and used needles on the floor. Officers also observed some ammunition on top of a dresser drawer.

The victim was conscious and alert. She told police that she was held against her will and beaten by several of the women that were inside the apartment. The victim said that earlier in the day she was told by an acquaintance that Lillian Salgado wanted to speak with her.

At approximately 1:00 p.m., the victim went to the 6 Mount Pleasant Street apartment and was welcomed inside. Once inside she met with Salgado. At this time two other women began to punch her in the face. During this assault, another women struck her in the head with a golf club while being hit and kicked by the other women. At one point the women tied her hands and legs up with tape and left her on the living room floor. At one point the females starting cutting the victims hair and burning her with a lit cigarette. They then pushed her inside a dog cage for a while.

At this time the victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment. She was treated and released.

Officers obtained a search warrant for the apartment. The search produced a small bag that contained crack cocaine, a digital scale, plastic sandwich baggies (used for street-level drug sales), a bag that contained cyclobenzaprine, a .45 caliber bullet, a cellphone and $55.00 in cash.

Man Arrested for Trespassing

In an unrelated incident, some of the Vice Squad officers were set up outside the apartment building to secure the perimeter while waiting for the search warrant to be approved. At approximately 8:00 PM., one of the officers observed a male walking down the driveway of the premises. The property is posted with several no trespassing signs. The officer observed that the male was walking towards the rear of the property. The officer encountered the male and asked what his reasons were for being on the property. The male responded that he was going to visit a friend. The officer asked for the friend's name and the male could not provide one. Because this address is known to police to be a problem property with regard to open-air street-level drug dealing and loitering, the male was placed under arrest for trespassing. The man was identified as Anthony Mallett, 35-years-old of 130 Endicott Street.

Shortly after Mallet was transported to police headquarters the officer went back to his unmarked police car to write his arrest report. Within a few minutes, a man approached the officer at the driver’s window and stated that “he needed something.” The officer saw that the man was holding cash in his hand. The officer asked the man to repeat what he said and the male stated that “he needed something.”

The man, identified as John Varnum, 24, of 131 Muggett Hill Road, Charlton, was placed under arrest and charged with Trespassing.

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