Assumption Announces Nurses Degree Program

Wednesday, October 03, 2018
GoLocalWorcester News Team

Assumption announces nurses degree program
Assumption College announced that it has received Pre-requisite approval from the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing for a new direct-admission Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) to prepare students to practice high quality, patient-centered professional nursing care.

“The Assumption College Bachelor of Science in Nursing program prepares graduates to provide compassionate and effective professional nursing care to individuals, families, and communities in accordance with ethical healthcare practices. Academic excellence, exemplary clinical skills, commitment to service, and principled leadership will be hallmarks of the program and its students. The curriculum features the traditional Catholic commitment to reverence for human life and the dignity of every human person. Graduates will advance health through excellence in nursing practice, teaching, and service,” said the College’s Provost Louise Carroll-Keeley, Ph.D.

The program is pending approval from the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE), which is expected by the end of this year.

Assumption’s Nurse Degree Program

The base of Assumption’s curriculum is a rigorous program of foundational and nursing courses coupled with clinical education in acute-care, community-based, and simulation environments that provide a comprehensive education to promote the health of individuals, families, and communities across the globe.

Students who pursue a degree in nursing at Assumption are provided a strong liberal arts education that will allow for well-reasoned decision-making; engagement in critical thinking; effective communication; and the ability to make ethical decisions that respect the fundamental dignity of every human person.

Assumption's Nursing Program faculty will be committed to educating nurses with the skills to meet the diverse health needs and improve the health outcomes of their communities.

The program will prepare generalists with an innovative and comprehensive curriculum that will enable them to thrive in a variety of settings, assisting individuals, families, and communities to attain, retain, or regain optimal health throughout their lifespans.

Applying for the Program

Students interested in the nursing profession are admitted to the Assumption College BSN Program through direct admission.

Additional requirements for admission into the BSN Program include a minimum SAT score of 550 on the Math and English component or ACT minimum composite score of 25;  minimum GPA of 3.0 in high school science and math courses;  and three years of high school science courses with one course having a lab component.

In addition, Nursing applicants are required to submit an essay of intent to demonstrate interest in and plans for a successful career in nursing as defined by the additional question specific to Assumption College on the Common Application.

  • 2.

    Harvard University

    Tuition & Fees: $50,420 (2018-19)

    Room And Board: $17,160 (2018-19)

    Total Enrollment: 20,604

    Application Deadline: Jan. 1

  • 3.

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (tie)

    Tuition & Fees: $51,832 (2018-19)

    Room And Board: $15,510 (2018-19)

    Total Enrollment: 11,466

    Application Deadline: Jan. 1

  • 3.

    Yale University (tie) 

    Tuition & Fees: $53,430 (2018-19)

    Room And Board: $16,000 (2018-19)

    Total Enrollment: 12,974

    Application Deadline: Jan. 1

  • 12.

    Dartmouth College (tie)

    Tuition & Fees: $55,035 (2018-19)

    Room And Board: $15,756 (2018-19)

    Total Enrollment: 6,509

    Application Deadline: Jan. 1

  • 14.

    Brown University (tie)

    Tuition & Fees: $55,656 (2018-19)

    Room And Board: $14,670 (2018-19)

    Total Enrollment: 10,095

    Application Deadline: Jan. 1

  • 27.

    Tufts University (tie)

    Tuition & Fees: $56,382 (2018-19)

    Room And Board: $14,560 (2018-19)

    Total Enrollment: 11,449

    Application Deadline: Jan. 1

  • 35.

    Brandeis University (tie)

    Tuition & Fees: $55,395 (2018-19)

    Room And Board: $15,440 (2018-19)

    Total Enrollment: 5,722

    Application Deadline: Jan. 1

  • 38.

    Boston College (tie)

    Tuition & Fees: $55,464 (2018-19)

    Room And Board: $14,478 (2018-19)

    Total Enrollment: 13,996

    Application Deadline: Jan. 1

  • 42.

    Boston University (tie)

    Tuition & Fees: $53,948 (2018-19)

    Room And Board: $15,720 (2018-19)

    Total Enrollment: 33,355

    Application Deadline: Jan. 2

  • 44.

    Northeastern University (tie)

    Tuition & Fees: $51,387 (2018-19)

    Room And Board: $16,880 (2018-19)

    Total Enrollment: 21,489

    Application Deadline: Jan. 1

  • 59.

    Worcester Polytechnic Institute (tie)

    Tuition & Fees: $50,530 (2018-19)

    Room And Board: $14,774 (2018-19)

    Total Enrollment: 6,642

    Application Deadline: Feb 1

  • 63.

    University of Connecticut (tie)

    Tuition & Fees: $15,730 (2018-19)

    Out of State Tuition: $38,098 (2018-19)

    Room And Board: $12,874 (2018-19)

    Total Enrollment: 27,578

    Application Deadline: Jan. 15

  • 66.

    Clark University (tie)

    Tuition & Fees: $45,730 (2018-19)

    Room And Board: $9,170 (2018-19)

    Total Enrollment: 3,153

    Application Deadline: Jan. 15

  • 70.

    University of Massachusetts Amherst (tie)

    Tuition & Fees: $15,887 (2018-19)

    Out Of State Tuition: $34,570 (2018-19)

    Room And Board: $13,202 (2018-19)

    Total Enrollment: 30,340

    Application Deadline: Jan. 15



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