Four Arrested for Heroin Possession in Worcester

Saturday, June 09, 2018
GoLcoalWorcester News Team

Four arrested for Heroin possession in Worcester
Worcester Police arrested four people for possession of heroin after they conducted surveillance at Webster Sq. Plaza.

The four people arrested were Julia Herne, Justin Leone, Shane Ahlman, and Wayne Bedard.

The Incident

On June 6, members of the Worcester Police Vice Squad were conducting surveillance at the Webster Square Plaza, 68 Stafford Street.

At approximately 7:50 PM, undercover officers observed a female, later identified as Herne, 43, of 16 June Street, Walpole, MA, exit a red Ford Focus and walked over to a small silver car and enter the front passenger side.

After approximately one minute Herne got out of the vehicle and walked back to the red car. Immediately after Herne exited the small silver vehicle, a male, later identified as Ahlman, 39, of 11 Riverview Street, Hudson, MA, was seen getting into the same vehicle’s front passenger seat.

Ahlman was in the small silver car for less than one minute before he got back out and walked towards a blue Subaru.

Officers believed that they had just saw two street-level drug transactions take place in front of them. Several of the vice officers split up to stop the red Ford Focus and the blue Subaru.

The Ford Focus was stopped. The driver was Herne. Herne was found to be in possession of one knotted bag of Heroin. A passenger in the Ford was identified as Bedard, 51, of 25 Barrows Road, Worcester. Bedard also possessed a knotted bag of heroin. Both were placed under arrest and charged with Possession of Class A Substance.

Other members of the vice squad stopped the blue Subaru.

The driver was identified as Leone, 24, of 495 Hudson Road, Sudbury, MA. Officers observed two opened plastic baggies on the driver’s seat along with a loaded needle which he attempted to hide between the driver’s seat and the console. The two plastic baggies contained heroin and cocaine.

The passenger, Ahlman, was removed from the vehicle. A loaded needle and a plastic baggie that contained heroin were found on the passenger floor by his feet. Both men were placed under arrest and charged with Possession of Class A Substance and Possession of Class B Substance.

Vice officers will continue to conduct surveillance in the area and attempt to identify the individual in the small silver car.


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