NEW: Mass. Awards 20 Medical Marijuana Dispensary Licenses

Friday, January 31, 2014
GoLocalWorcester News Team

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has issued the state's first 20 medical marijuana dispensary licenses, two of which are located in Central Mass.

Bay State Relief, Inc. in Milford, and Good Chemistry of Massachusetts, Inc. in Worcester will become the area's first two approved dispensaries. 

The law, passed in 2012, allows for up to 35 dispensaries in the state,  and requires each county to have at least one.  Currently, four counties remain with no approved outlets; Berkshire County, Franklin County, Dukes County, and Nantucket County.

Massachusetts Approved Dispensary Locations

  • 6. Massachusetts

    National Rank for Arrests per Capita: 51

    2010 Arrests Per Capita: 18

    National Rank for Raw Arrests: 49

    2010 Raw Arrests: 1,191

    Photo: Flickr/Blind Nomad

  • 5. Vermont

    National Rank for Arrests per Capita: 48

    2010 Arrests Per Capita: 119

    National Rank for Raw Arrests: 51

    2010 Raw Arrests: 737

    Photo: Flickr/Victor

  • 4. New Hampshire

    National Rank for Arrests per Capita: 33

    2010 Arrests Per Capita: 210

    National Rank for Raw Arrests: 41

    2010 Raw Arrests: 2,769

    Photo: Flickr/Blind Nomad

  • 3. Rhode Island

    National Rank for Arrests per Capita: 31

    2010 Arrests Per Capita: 214

    National Rank for Raw Arrests: 43

    2010 Raw Arrests: 2,243

  • 2. Maine

    National Rank for Arrests per Capita: 30

    2010 Arrests Per Capita: 214

    National Rank for Raw Arrests: 40

    2010 Raw Arrests: 2,842

  • 1. Connecticut

    National Rank for Arrests per Capita: 23

    2010 Arrests Per Capita: 247

    National Rank for Raw Arrests: 25

    2010 Raw Arrests: 8,815

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