Three Arrested With Dangerous Weapons During Traffic Stop in Worcester

Thursday, July 12, 2018
GoLocalWorcester News Team

Worcester police arrested three men following a regular traffic stop in the area of Water Street in Worcester on early Saturday morning.

Trevor Borjeson, 24, was arrested and charged with mayhem, two counts of assault and battery on a police officer, carrying a dangerous weapon, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, interfering with a police officer, and motor vehicle charges.

Two others were arrested for interfering with a police officer.

The Incident

On the morning of Saturday, July 7, a Worcester Police officer was on patrol in the area of Water St. At about 1:45 a.m., he saw a car go through the stop sign at Water and Grafton St without stopping. The officer approached the car, which had three occupants. The officer saw the operator’s head duck down to the left and then to the right, leaving the officer’s vision for about two seconds each time. When the officer made contact with the operator, the operator was breathing heavily and his knees were visibly shaking. The officer asked the operator for his license, which he could not produce, and observed a large wooden stick next to the center console. The officer was concerned that the operator was concealing a weapon, so he went back to his cruiser and called over the radio for assistance.

When another officer arrived, they approached the car and decided to pat frisk the occupants for weapons. The officer asked the driver, identified as Borjeson of Rutland, to step out of the car. Borjeson refused, locked all the doors, and rolled up the windows. The officer called for more units and a supervisor. The officer continued to speak with Trevor, who said, “You are not getting in this car.” The two passengers also refused to exit the car. The two officers went back to their cruisers while they waited for backup.

As more police arrived on the scene, they approached the car again. They saw Borjeson reach into the back and grab a backpack that had what appeared to be the barrel of a firearm coming out of it. The officer immediately used a mechanical window punch device to break the side window. One of the officers attempted to unbuckle Borjeson’s seatbelt, and Borjeson grabbed the officer by the back of the head and pushed his thumbs into the officer’s eyes. He then kicked the officer in the face.

An officer sprayed Borjeson with OC spray, and successfully removed him from the car. Borjeson continued to fight and kick the officers on the ground. An officer saw that Borjeson appeared to be reaching for a knife in his waistband, and delivered a drive stun with his department-issued Taser. At this point, Borjeson was placed in handcuffs, and an illegal four-inch double-sided knife was removed from his waist area.

After the arrest, the officers prepared to search the car. Trevor’s backpack, which he had been reaching for, contained a mask, a double-sided illegal nine-inch knife, and a very realistic-looking replica AR-15 style rifle.

The front passenger, Nicholas Mazzanaro, 23, of Connecticut, refused to get out of the car After several attempts to persuade him to exit, he was placed under arrest for interfering with a police officer. The rear passenger, Rufus Hamilton, 24, of West Yarmouth, also refused to get out of the car and was arrested for interfering with a police officer.

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