slides: Cheat Sheet 49, FBI Files: Las Vegas Casinos, RI Corruption, Callei Murder, Bonded Vault

Monday, July 11, 2016
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Las Vegas Casinos controlled by Mafia Families
PAGE 14 Parole Check on Patriarca by the Department of Justice (DOJ)


PAGE 16 FBI Memo unveils that Richard “CALLEI is crazy and os going to start a power struggle with RAYMOND PATRIARCA.”


PAGE 17 In a DOJ memo from November of 1973, it is reported that “PATRIARCA, his family and attorneys have contended that little is being done to rehabilitate PATRIARCA in Atlanta where he is a prison janitor.”


PAGE 18 RI Attorney General Richard Israel blasts the decision by the RI Department of Corrections to assign Raymond Patriarca to the ACI rather than return him to the Federal Prison in Atlanta, GA.

“ISRAEL noted that this decision was a black-day in the war on organized crime in the State of Rhode Island. ISRAEL states that he feared that the state is slipping back into an era of complacency about organized crime.”


PAGE 19 “A public relations assistant for the Director of Corrections for the State of Rhode Island noted that there was no evidence that PATRIARCA was ‘involved’ with the two remaining co-conspirators in the maximum security area of the prison.”

“His visiting list is restricted to family members and ‘one special friend.”

“…Patriarca would become eligible for parole in December, 1973, based on the serving of one-third of the total time and assuming that the sentence received by PATRIARCA was running concurrently with the Federal sentence.”


PAGE 22 FBI Memo outlines the concerns about Patriarca’s release by Rhode island officials. 

“USA Lincoln C. Almond, Providence, R.I., and Strike Force Chief REDACTED Boston, MASS., plan to contact Departmental authorities re possibility of giving Rhode Island Parole Board access to material from microphone coverage of Patriarca from 1962 to 1965 to emphasize his importance in the organized crime field…”


PAGE 28 In January of 1974, the Parole Board denies Patriarca’s request for Parole. He will be eligible again in six-months.


PAGE 29 A PhD candidate asks the FBI for copies of the illegal wiretaps to use as source material for his thesis “Influence of Organized Crime of American English.”


PAGE 34 Patriarca is finally released on bail in January of 1975. Governor comes under fire.


PAGE 36 Clarence Kelley, the Director of the FBI, wrote to the PhD candidate denying the request for the documents as it “would create substantial and unwarranted invasion of the personal privacy of the individuals involved in or mentioned in any conversations we may have.”


PAGE 42 Breaks down which Las Vegas Casinos are owned by which mafia families.


Nick Bianco Emerges
PAGE 52 The emergence of Nick Bianco as a powerful force in the New England mafia.


PAGE 55 All available informant information indicated that RAYMOND L.S. PATRIARCA is still in control of the LCN family in R.I. and one of his major lieutenants is NICHOLAS BIANCO. BIANCO is the most visible force in the family at this time even though PATRIARCA is still the final authority on all decisions.”


PAGE 58 “RICHIE CALLEI REDACTED got hit with a chair Saturday night at NICK BIANCO’s place.”


PAGE 65 Patriarca marries Rita O’Toole at his home on the East Side and the ceremony is performed by Reverend Leonard Ridlawn, the protestant Chaplin from the ACI.


PAGE 67 Richard Callei is murdered.


PAGE 75 Las Vegas is getting “an awful lot of ‘wise guys’ from the Providence, R.I. area.”


PAGE 77 Since the Callei murder, Gerry Anguilo has started to make his weekly payments to Patriarca again.


PAGE 81 Trouble at the Worcester County National Bank.


Hudson Furs Vault
PAGE 98 Patriarca gives his permission to rob Hudson Furs.  According to FBI document one member had $1 million in his safe deposit box at Hudson Furs. “According to the informant, Hudson Furs was owned by RAYMOND but public documents will not show this”


PAGE 99 “On August 14, 1975, the firm Hudson Services, Inc., also known as Bonded Vault was robbed by seven males. Hudson Services Inc ss located at Cranston Street, Providence, Rhode Island. Investigation disclosed that Hudson Services maintained a large number of safe deposit boxes, many of which were rented under assumed names by organized crime figures. Estimates of the amount of loot taken range from $1 to $5 million.”


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