slides: Cheat Sheet 52, FBI Files: Federal Courts Battle Over Indictments of Coia and Patriarca

Monday, August 01, 2016
GoLocalWorcester News Team

Each week accompanying the segments of the FBI files on Raymond Patriarca and expert analysis on the documents released, GoLocal provides a “cheat sheet” of some of the key elements from the documents.

Make no mistake about it, the files are layered with information about a time where the scope and reach of the Patriarca crime family permeated nearly every aspect of life in New England.

PAGE 6: In Miami, Raymond Patriarca and members of the Laborers International Union of America are indicted by a Federal grand jury in the Southern District of Florida in September 23, 1981. The trial date is set for November 26, 1981.


PAGE 9: Federal Judge James King, “granted joint motion of attorneys present to sever from defendant Patriarca and advised that he would be reviewing Patriarca matter with eye towards entering order for transfer to districts of Rhode Island or Massachusetts for prosecution. 


PAGE 24: March 5, 1982 meeting between U.S. Attorney Lincoln Almond, RI Attorney General Dennis Roberts, II, and head attorney for the Strike Force regarding the prosecution of Raymond Patriarca and members of the Laborer’s International.


PAGE 35 READ THE INDICTMENT against Arthur A. Coia, Arthur E. Coia, Albert J. Lepore, Raymond L.S. Patriarca, and Joseph J. Vaccaro, Jr.




PAGE 56-57: Dismissal of the Indictments is appealed to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.


PAGE 77 A series of memos outline the the payments to a key witness in the Patriarca case.


PAGE 98 Key informant is expected to testify in “proceeding in Rhode Island concerning a murder conspiracy of a Rhode Island Teamster Union Official.”

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