slides: Cheat Sheet 54, FBI Files: FBI Track Alleged Bribes to NJ Governor Brendan Byrne

Monday, August 15, 2016
GoLocalWorcester News Team

NJ Governor Brendan Byrne

Each week accompanying the segments of the FBI files on Raymond Patriarca and expert analysis on the documents released, GoLocal provides a “cheat sheet” of some of the key elements from the documents.

Make no mistake about it, the files are layered with information about a time where the scope and reach of the Patriarca crime family permeated nearly every aspect of life in New England.


PAGE 23 “On May 12, 1980, REDACTED Advised that REDACTED currently under indictment by the State of New Jersey concerning unreported Gubernartorial election campaign donations, traveled to Palm Beach, Florida, on or about Febraury-March, 1976. At that time REDACTED Democratic party and reputedly one of the most successful fundraisers for New Jersey Governor Brendan Byrnes.”


PAGE 29 “In view of the above record review, it now appears that the alleged payoff to Governor Brendan Byrne at Palm Beach, Florida may have occurred in the latter part of January or early part of February, 1976.”


PAGE 33 Allegedly brides were paid to New Jersey Governor so COIA could receives approval of the New Jersey Insurance Commission — $50,000 paid in cash.





PAGE 45 Supervisor at FBI — Louis Freeh.


FBI's Louis Freeh
PAGE 66 FBI requests wiretap in the COIA case.


PAGE 70 Taping Arthur Coia


PAGE 71 “Boston requests authority for a 30 day period, to utilize a body recorder and/or transmitting device to be worn by source to record conversations he might have with Arthur E. Coia…”


Page 76 James Zazzali named NJ Attorney General


PAGE 95 “Investigation by Boston Division has disclosed no wrongdoing on the part of New Jersey Governor Brendan Byrne.


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