slides: Cheat Sheet 56, FBI Files: Raymond Patriarca Dies

Monday, September 05, 2016
GoLocalWorcester News Team

Each week accompanying the segments of the FBI files on Raymond Patriarca and expert analysis on the documents released, GoLocal provides a “cheat sheet” of some of the key elements from the documents.

Make no mistake about it, the files are layered with information about a time where the scope and reach of the Patriarca crime family permeated nearly every aspect of life in New England.

Page 10 Special Agent of the FBI, “has advised me that a confidential informant (hereinafter referred to as Source 7) has regularly provided information to Special Ageny of the FBI for more than REDACTED concerning offenses including murder,  gambling, shylocking, stolen property, and racketeering, which has been independently verified and corroborated. Source 7 has provided detail information regarding the members, associates and organization of the Gambino, Genovese, DeCalvacante, colombo and Patriarca Organized Crime ‘Families’ as they exist in Connecticut, which information has been relied upon by the FBI to identify and which information has been independently verified and corroborated by the FBI.”


Page 16 Frank Piccolo represents the Gambino crime family in Connecticut.


Page 18 Gambino’s ask Patriarca to mediate a dispute.


Page 21 Quonset Robbery

“I have been informed by REDACTED that on May 24, 1980, two or more individuals broke into an enclosed area at the Quoneset terminal in North Kingstown, tied up a guard at at gunpoint and stole a pellet form valued at $172,493.00 and silver valued at $17,234.00 from a trailer located therein. Said precious metals were owned at Handy and Harmon Company of Attleboro…”


Page 50 Presiding Judge Joseph Weisberger authorizes electronic surveillance over the telephone.


Page 51 Federal Court Judge Raymond Pettine authorizes intercept wire communications over telephone.


Page 79 Raymond Patriarca Died of a Heart Attack


Page 80 Predication:


“was waked at Beraducci Funeral Home, 477 Broadway, Providence, Rhode Island on 7/13/84; and was buried at Gate of Heaven Cemetery, East Providence.


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