slides: FBI Files - The Patriarca Papers - Entry 49 (Bonded Vault Robbery Okayed By Patriarca)

Monday, July 11, 2016
GoLocalWorcester News Team

Vault at Hudson Fur Photo: YELP
In the summer of 1975, Raymond Patriarca gives the green light to rob the Bonded Vault at the Hudson Fur Building. According to FBI documents, an informant claims that Patriarca owned the building and much of the money stored in safety deposit boxes were owned by mobsters under false names. Patriarca gave approval to rob from his own men.

PAGE 98 Patriarca gives his permission to rob Hudson Furs.  According to FBI document one member had $1 million in his safe deposit box at Hudson Furs. “According to the informant, Hudson Furs was owned by RAYMOND but public documents will not show this”

Hudson Fur on Cranston Street Photo: YELP
PAGE 99 “On August 14, 1975, the firm Hudson Services, Inc., also known as Bonded Vault was robbed by seven males. Hudson Services Inc ss located at Cranston Street, Providence, Rhode Island. Investigation disclosed that Hudson Services maintained a large number of safe deposit boxes, many of which were rented under assumed names by organized crime figures. Estimates of the amount of loot taken range from $1 to $5 million.”

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