slides: FBI Files - The Patriarca Papers - Entry 51 (Patriarca Is Too Sick to Stand Trial)

Monday, July 25, 2016
GoLocalWorcester News Team

Federal Magistrate Jacob Hagopian
Federal Magistrate Hagopian rules Patriarca is too sick to stand trial.

The controversial decision is laid out in the FBI documents procured by GoLocal via a FOIA request in 2015.

PAGE 82 United States Magistrate Jacob Hagopian “stayed indefinitely his order to remove Raymond L.S. Patriarca to the Southern District of Florida for the purposes of arraignment relating to Labor racketeering charges due to Patriarca’s serious medical condition.”

“United States Magistrate Hagopian rendered his decision after a lengthy hearing held on October 13, 1981 at which Patriarca’s REDACTED (two of those who testified were Dr. Barbara H. Roberts and Dr. Michael J. Faella), and three other physicians testified to Patriarca’s failing medical condition and the high probability that the stress of traveling REDACTED.

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