NEW: GOP Wars: Gabriel Gomez Blasts Two GOP Activists, Eno & Pinto

Sunday, December 22, 2013
GoLocalWorcester News Team

Former Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Gabriel Gomez attacked two prominent GOP activists on Facebook.

Gomez wrote a blistering attack on Rob Eno of the influential blog RedMassGroup and Worcester GOP official Chris Pinto.

Gomez alludes that they are involved with the Klu Klux Klan and "are an embarrassment to our civil society."

GOP Candidate

Just a few month later, when Gomez was a candidate for U.S. Senate against ultimate winner Ed Markey, Gomez actively sought the support of the Worcester GOP and RedMassGroup.

In response to Gomez's charges, Chris Pinto issued the following statement:

As some of you may know the former candidate for US Senate in Massachusetts recently made vile and defamatory statements against myself and Mr. Rob Eno, who runs the conservative website Red Mass Group.  I had considered not saying anything about this publicly but now that the horse is out of the barn I find it necessary to defend my reputation especially when it comes to the "Klan" comment that he made about me.

My feeling on gun control and the Klan are well documented. 

GoLocalWorcester's effort to reach Gomez were unsuccessful. It should be noted that Gomez changed his position on gun control during the course of the U.S. Senate campaign which raised concerns about Gomez's GOP credentials with many conservatives.

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