Diehl Blasts Senator Warren for “Failing New Bedford”

Sunday, May 13, 2018
GoLocalWorcester Political Team

Geoff Diehl
Representative Geoff Diehl is blasting Senator Elizabeth Warren for “failing New Bedford.”

“As the fishing season begins, the New Bedford sector 9 fleet is grounded –costing the community millions of dollars and hurting working families.  The boats are stuck at the docks because Senator Warren has failed to do her job. If she spent as much time working to restore the licenses as she does selling books and campaigning out of state, New Bedford would not be facing this crisis,” said Diehl.

New Bedford Fishing

Last year Carlos Rafael, also known as the “Codfather,” was convicted of violating federal fishing regulations.  In response, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) grounded the fleet over six months ago. Rafael’s business consisted of 40 vessels with permits which are now at risk of being relocated out of state.   

The New Bedford fishing fleet brings in $369 million in seafood every year. Rafael employed 285 fishermen who are out of work while the fleet is grounded. NOAA may take several months before deciding on transferring of the licenses. 

“Due to Senator Warren’s failed leadership and Rafael’s illegal activities, New Bedford is going to lose its status as the highest valued port in the United States  -- a title that it has held for 17 straight years.  New Bedford needs a Senator who will work tirelessly on the issue,” said Diehl.

He added, “New Bedford deserves better than a Senator focused on rhetoric rather than results. It is time for a Senator who will assist instead of resist.  As the next U.S. Senator, I will be a strong advocate for New Bedford keeping the licenses and repealing the overburdensome regulations. I will be there for New Bedford the entire 6 years.  I won’t just show up in an election year.”

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