Diehl Launches Facebook, Twitter Pages to Track Sen. Warren

Sunday, August 13, 2017
GoLocalWorcester Political Team

Geoff Diehl
Representative Geoff Diehl has launched a Facebook and Twitter page titled “Where’s Warren” in order to help track Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and her travels for efforts not related to Massachusetts.

“Senator Warren has put Massachusetts into the rearview mirror. She has been more focused on selling books and building a national profile. As the next United States Senator, I will be for the people of Massachusetts. I will put the people first - not politics. Over the past two weeks our Senator has said she works every day for Massachusetts. Where is she today? Georgia. That’s not Massachusetts,” said Diehl.

Diehl announced his campaign to challenge Warren on Tuesday, August 1 after previously serving as the co-chair to President Donald Trumps campaign in Massachusetts.

Tracking Warren

According to Diehl’s camp, since Senator Warren announced she is running for re-election, she has held ten town hall meetings. Over the last 4 years when she was not facing re-election, Warren has held a total of 5 town hall meetings. (8.20.14 Hyannis, 8.22.14 Gloucester, 2.19.15 Springfield, 2.20.17 Dartmouth, and 2.1.16 Springfield).

Warren has traveled across the country this year to sell her new book. Her trips have included Michigan, Tennessee, New York multiple times and California multiple times. 

“We need a Senator who will be there for the people the entire six years not just 18 months before an election. I promise to be a full time Massachusetts Senator not a part-time Senator and part time author,” said Diehl.


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