MassFiscal Slams Speaker DeLeo For Releasing $40B Budget & Little Time to Review

Tuesday, April 11, 2017
GoLocalWorcester Political Team

House Speaker Robert DeLeo
House Speaker Robert DeLeo and House leadership have released their $40 billion budget for FY18 on Monday, giving lawmakers three days to file amendments. The deadline to file an amendment is on Thursday. 

"Maybe Speaker DeLeo, when handing out the fat pay raises in January, cautioned lawmakers to spend part of the loot on a speed-reading course. This is moving way too fast,” said Paul Craney, executive director of MassFiscal Alliance. 

Cranes added that three days isn’t enough time to go through the document. 

"Liberals and conservatives should unite behind the demand for more openness in the budget process. DeLeo's tactics, keeping both rank and file and the public in the dark, are bad governing,” Craney said. 

DeLeo’s budget is the first big piece of legislation since the January pay raises. 


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